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I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent 6 years at Erskine and have worked with some extremely talented team members over that period. During my last 3 years, I headed up the design team which meant it was my responsibility to ensure the agency’s output met high standards for our clients and also our own projects.

My role: Design & Design Direction

2008 – 2014

An agency’s website plays a crucial part in how they’re perceived. This was particularly true for Erskine. We’d already built a solid reputation, but needed a website that would help to better position us as experts in user interface design and front-end technology. We chose to focus the site around a few of our best case studies, only showing work that would be relevant to the type of clients we were targeting. We used the website to demonstrate our own design principles; content was clear, quick to load and easy to access.

Ten screenshots of the Erskine Design website, including Home, Projects, 404, Blog and About
A collection of screens from the latest version of the Erskine website

Our socials were a great way of getting involved in the web community. Erskine Bowling was a warm-up event to the New Adventures in Web Design conference and managed to attract over 200 bowlers. The website allowed attendees to register their teams and even ‘practise’ their bowling skills by playing an interactive game.

Screenshots of the Erskine Bowling site and photographs of bowling shirts worn at the event
Erskine Bowling (photography by Yannis Jaquet)

Erskine Labs was created to provide a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the company. Everyone on the team was encouraged to post about anything remotely work-related, whether that was exploring a new technology, sharing inspiration or writing about a project.

Screenshot of the Erskine Labs content stream showing a summary of blog posts and filter options
Erskine Labs

Gridpak was an internal project I worked on alongside Wil Linssen and Sam Quayle. It’s a visual tool that allows designers and developers to create a responsive grid system in the browser. We wanted to create something that enabled designers to visualise how their layouts would look in different situations, therefore helping them to identify and fine tune where breakpoints should go.

Demo of Gridpak in action

It’s been great to see that others in the industry have found Gridpak useful.

White Good Work logo on an orange background
Good Work identity

Erskine Design has now merged with Good Work. I have worked with them on their brand identity and website and continue to collaborate with them on client projects.

“Phil and I have been working together for years, and he’s by far the best, most reliable digital designer I’ve ever worked with. He delivers exceptional work, and his care and attention to detail where it really matters are unmatched. If I were to assemble a digital dream team, he’d be the first on the list.”

Garrett Winder
Owner of Good Work (formerly Erskine Design)

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